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Bonsai Positions

Where should I position my outdoor bonsai?

This question of course is very specific to the species of the bonsai, however generally try to keep the bonsai out of a position of direct sunlight, where they receive good air circulation, relative humidity, and are in a place where they are easily accessible to you for maintenance (i.e. watering, feeding and pruning). You can usually tell if a plant likes or dislikes where it is currently positioned - if you do detect signs of stress such as wilting, burnt foliage or discoloration - move the plant to an area more fitting. As a general rule, you should consider the origins of a plant and how it would grow naturally. For example you would keep a rainforest fig in part-shade with dappled sunlight (possibly under shade cloth) which mimics the environment that it would naturally grow in. Plants such as rosemary or the pomegranate for example - which originated in the Mediterranean - are more hardy and thrive in a position of semi shade to full sun, as they are able to withstand drought and appreciate the hot climate.

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