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Trident Maple

Overview : The Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum) is very similar to its relative the Japanese Maple. It is a deciduous tree that is a traditional subject for bonsai. It is well known for the superb colours of its foliage in autumn (fall). In cultivation this species usually takes the form of a bushy-topped small tree with a thick, strong trunk. The bark is pale brown and dappled and the small leaves usually have 3 short lobes close together at the upper end (hence the name tri-dent).

It is a plant that gains a mature appearance rather quickly, most forming an attractive buttress and taper. Branches are refined. Interesting Bark.

General Care : Requires semi-shade in summer, full sun the rest of the year, and protection from wind.

Do not allow to dry out.

Other Comments : The plant can tolerate exposed positions and poor soils, but ideally should be placed in a position of full sun and protected from frost.

Trident maples can be trained to grow in almost any style - such as informal upright, root over rock, forest and twin trunk. The only exception is broom.

Free draining soil mix should be used. Repot annually in early spring just as buds swell.

Feed weekly during the start of spring, then fortnightly until late summer.

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