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Flat-bottomed figs...

Written by Brian Inglis, Queensland, Australia

originalThis is the material I start with to produce quick results with figs. This plant was grown from seed and is about 6 - 12 months old. Note that at the base it is shaped like an onion with the roots mostly coming from the bottom. This results in a horrible reverse taper.

Note: These pictures are shown larger than life.

cuttingIn order to achieve the optimum results, I want a plant that will have a fat trunk with lots of taper and an excellent nebari). It is necessary to cut the base off at the widest point. No roots - treat it like a cutting.

a few months laterThis is the same plant a couple of months later. Already a perfect nebari is in the making. Roots were trimmed to the same length.

6-12 months laterSix to twelve months later and several root prunings later, it will look like this. There are no down-growing roots and a good nebari is in the making.

4 in. potBack into a 4" pot for 6 months.

jul 98, 6 in. potThis photo taken Jul 98. This pic is smaller than life. After being in a 6" pot instead of a 4" pot for 4 months, roots spread and not pruned and then planted in a SHALLOW styro box for 3 months.......

mar. 99March 99, 8 months after being potted in the styro box and 5 months after the previous photo. The nebari measures 7" or 18cm across. Note how the roots on both sides have increased in size.

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